Things To Do In Asheville

Things To Do In Asheville

Full of architectural and natural wonders, Asheville has an allure that attracts people from all over the world. You have to discover Asheville for yourself, and there are plenty of things to do and see while you are there. Want to find out the local favorites or visit iconic landmarks? If so, the following are some ‘musts’ for activities that will give you a memorable experience in the mountains.


Asheville is an outdoor destination no matter the time of year you decide to visit. You can take a glimpse of some of the peaks in the mountains, or take in some of the gorgeous breathtaking vistas. Just beyond the vibrancy of the city lies miles of adventure on the surrounding beaten paths. You will be quickly taken away from the daily grind of your everyday life.

Navitat has locations in both Asheville and Knoxville. If you are visiting the Asheville locations, you and your family can enjoy:

Guided RTV excursions
Zipline adventures
Blue Ridge experience
Moody Cave experience

If you decide to visit between the last of August through the end of November, you can take part in the Wild Food Forage Adventures.

The warmer months are the perfect days for spending time fly fishing on one of the several fly fishing guided tours in rivers in Asheville. The tailwaters between Tennessee and North Carolina are considered some of the best in the southeast.


As the cooler weather approaches, the cool mountain air begins to paint the leaves in the mountains with vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. Because of the city’s climate, and its elevation, the residents of Asheville enjoy a the most colorful and longest fall seasons in the entire country. You can typically see the first signs of fall color around the middle of September, and it lasts until November.

A drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway will provide you beautiful views of the wildflowers in the area such as mountain ash, witch hazel and aster.

Although hiking is an activity for any time of the year, hiking in the fall in Asheville adds a magic that cannot be compared to anything else. To see the waterfalls being wrapped around gorgeous fall colors is always a beautiful sight to see, and the top locations are Crabtree Falls (off Blue Ridge Parkway), and Looking Glass Falls (along Highway 276).

This is a small sampling of the many things to do in Asheville. Take a day, a weekend or even longer to enjoy all that Asheville has to offer.

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